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Texas Grading & Dirt Work Services

The asphalt paving process has several phases to it, beginning with grading and dirt work. The paving team at  Asphalt Experts in Texas can help with all your grading and dirt work needs. Proper grading and dirt work ensures your residential driveway or commercial parking lot will have the stable sublayer needed for longevity.


Grading & Dirty Work Process

The Asphalt Experts team is experienced grading and dirt work contractors who understand what it takes in this initial asphalt paving step. We do a thorough job at the beginning of the project to ensure that you’ll end up with a durable, long-lasting surface that will look great, too.

Our grading and dirt work services begin immediately following the project planning phase. It’s the first step in the physical paving process. It’s necessary to work in preparing the area for a stable sublayer.

Heavy equipment is used to grade and compact the area, as well as build mounds and fill in the low spots. This is done in order to keep the pavement from prematurely collapsing or heaving. Once the grading and dirt work is completed, the rest of the paving process can proceed. Grading and dirt work the lot to maintain optimal slope for adequate drainage.

1. Clearing Land

The first step in any excavation project is clearing the land of bushes, rocks, plants, weeds, etc. The removal of trees should not be taken lightly, as they need to be removed by completely to include their root systems. Leaving behind roots can lead to serious shifting problems down the road.

2. Staking and Measurements

The next step is to lay down the excavation lines and center lines. These will show where things are going to go including the outline of the roads and driveways. 

3. Preparing Equipment

Next, the equipment has to be dealt with. Excavation requires a lot of big equipment. How the equipment is going to get on the lot, move around, and be stored needs to be carefully considered to lower safety hazards. 

4. Acquiring Fill Dirt

Fill dirt is a necessary part of land grading, so how the dirt can get to the proper location and how it can be stored need to be considered. Fill dirt will be delivered by dump trucks, so accounting for their arrival and movement of the land is necessary. Dump trucks are used to transport loose materials.

5. Land Grading

Land grading takes place next. It is the actual process of reshaping the dirt and making a level or slope base so that it can be built on top of. The land must be completely dry and solid for proper grading, which means that generally, at least three days must pass without rain. 

6. Excavation

Excavation is the process of removing soil or rock to create a trench. The appropriate amount of soil will be removed to a depth that will ensure a secure foundation. 

7. Compaction Testing

Compaction equipment and compaction tests will have to be done to ensure that the firmness of the dirt is adequate to support what it needs to. Our team has dedicated experts that test all of our compaction and oversee this portion of the project.

8. Erosion & Sediment Control

The goal should be to impact the natural environment as much as possible as working with the environment will result in a much stronger foundation than working against it. Erosion and sediment control need to be strongly taken into consideration as they can lead to very serious problems in the future if they are neglected.


Grading & Dirt Work Benefits

Grading and dirt work is an important part of the asphalt paving process because it ensures the long-term health of your lot. Below are some of the many advantages:

  • It improves the stability of the sublayer
  • It will help to make sure that the parking lot or driveway will last longer
  • It helps with proper drainage, preventing long-term damage

The team at Asphalt Experts are professional grading and dirt work contractors who understand what it takes in this initial asphalt paving step. We do a thorough job at the beginning of the project to ensure that you’ll end up with a durable, long-lasting surface that will look great, too.

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